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Postcard T-5R (USA)

There is also a small postcard issued in the USA with the same picture as the one on the factsheet.   Source:

Factsheet T-5R (USA) – 1995

In the USA an information sheet is issued. The T-5R is available in yellow and black and with automatic gearbox only.       Source:

Impossible Volvo (D) – 1995

Volvo Germany issues a small 18 page brochure with two pages about the already known T-5 and the other pages about the new T-5R. With pictures of the yellow cars and the black cars. Below you can find all pages

Folder Introduction T-5R (UK)

For the introduction folder of the T-5R for the UK the photos shot in Skåne are used. The photos taken from the rear are not used in the introduction map. When the folder is produced both yellow and black cars

Folder introduction T-5R (NL) – 1994-07

For the dutch market Volvo produced a 4 page folder. For the photos they didn’t use T-5R’s but T-5’s in look-alike trim. Probably because when the photos were taken T-5R was not a modeltype yet. The sedan with registration PDY

Ultimate Powerplay (USA) – DM 1995

  In june 1995 Leif A. Bilen, Vice President, Central region Volvo Cars of North America send a direct mail. In the yellow enveloppe there was a yellow brochure aiming on potentional customers to visit the showroom. The brochure describes

Large T-5R Folder (S)

Sweden also issued a folder with images shot during introduction in Skane. Most of the pictures which can be found in the introduction map also are showed in this large folder. Foldercode: VB/PV 6-95.   Source:

T-5R Introduction map (UK, D, CH)

A couple of of the pictures they shoot in Skåne from a yellow estate and a yellow sedan, before summer 1994, were used for an introduction map. This map contained 6 pictures of the cars and the interior and a

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