How to recognize a 850T-5R ?

Most of the insiders do recognize the T-5R. The spoilers, the rims, the badges, the interior, the decal in the fueltankcover or even the unique color. But that is not 100% proof of having a real T-5R. A car can look like a T-5R but in reality can be a regular T-5 or another look-a-like.

When do you own a T-5R? How can you recognize one?
First, if the model year code in the VIN (see carcodes) isn’t S or T, if the enginecode isn’t 58 or 47 and if the color code isn’t 607, 019 or 421 you definitely have NO T-5R. (with seven exceptions)

When your car has engine code 58 and model year code S you definitely have a T-5R !

When your car has engine code 58 and model year code T you can have a green T-5R or a green R (with automatic gearbox).
When your car has engine code 47 you have a 2.0 liter Italian T-5R or T-5. The green or black ones can not be identified by their VIN.

Any Volvo-dealer can use Vida online to identify a Volvo by it’s sales version. The T-5R has sales version 90. Which is translated into “SV90” or into “ACTION”. The sales version 91 is for a 850R.
Using the same tool they also can identify the serial numbers of the engine and the gearbox and a couple of other car specific properties. This way you can determine if your T-5R still has the original engine or gearbox.

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