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Introduction leaflet (UK) – 1995

In june 1995 this leaflet was issued in the UK. The content is also used in an ad. It is remarkable that in the text the black T-5R isn’t mentioned anymore. Available in cream yellow and olive green metallic.  

Folder T-5R (J) – 1995

Volvo Japan also issues a small folder in 1995. There is a referal to three wins in the BTCC.   Source:

Folder T-5R (J) – 1995

Volvo Japan issues in 1995 a 14 page brochure with information and specs about the T-5R. One of the rare folders that has an image of the black T-5R estate.   Source:

Denzel folder (A) – 1995 German – Contest

Wolfgang Denzel is one of the biggest car dealers in Austria with over 10 different brands and companies from Viena to Insbruck all over Austra. When the T-5R is launched, clients could win the use of a T-5R for a

Introductionfolder T-5R (F) – 1994 French

This is the introductionfolder for the T-5R issued in several different languages in several countries. This one is for France. One of the facts that is mentioned in this folder is that there will be 80 T-5R’s available for France.

Introductionfolder T-5R (CH) – 1994 French

This small folder is one of the first folders for the T-5R. Issued in different languages for different markets. This one is for Switzerland and is in French. It’s mentioned that there will be 120 cars available for the Swiss

Introductionfolder T-5R (CH) – 1994 German

This folder is in German for the Swiss market. It’s one of the first folders issued about the T-5R. A small 4 page folder. There are a couple more versions of this small folder in different languages. In this folder

Introductionfolder T-5R (Gen) – 1994 English

One of the first folders issued about the T-5R is this small 4 page folder. It’s issued in several languages. This one is in Engelish for the general market. So it contains general information about the car. For example that

Folder T-5R (A) – 1995 (2nd Series)

When the green T-5R’s became available Volvo Austria is, as far as known, the only organisation who issues a folder specific for this new color. The producer didn’t create a new folder though. They used the text and images in

Folder T-5R (A) – 1995 (1st Series)

Volvo Austria issues a 4 page folder with information and specs about the T-5R. The folder doesn’t mention the black cars yet. Volvo sold 15 yellow and black sedans and 22 yellow and black estates in Austria.   Source:

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