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Pressrelease (UK) 1994-09-26 – Launch of the T-5R

When this pressrelease was issued there still were only 2500 T-5R’s planned. Source:

Pressrelease (UK) 1994-10-18 – Launch of the T-5R

When it became clear that the T-5R would be available for the UK Volvo released a pressmap with information about the beauty and the beast (gathered in one car!). Just 200 cars in yellow available for the UK customers. The

Pressrelease (F) 1994-10-04 – Launch T-5R

Volvo Automobiles France S.A. release a press message about the launch of the second series T-5R. After the first 2500 T-5R’s in yellow, Volvo decided to extend the serie with 2500 black T-5R’s. Though they already had produced black cars

Pressrelease (UK) 1995-01-04 – Launch of the T-5R

Volvo issued early january 1995 a press-release specific for the UK Market. It’s obviously a beauty and a beast.       source:

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