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T-5R collectibles

Each new car is usually accompanied by larger and smaller sales incentive products and goodies. That is certainly true for the T-5R. Most of these accompanying products were issued by the Volvo Car Company in Sweden and some by its

Wheeler Dealers 855 T-5R

Wheeler Dealers Season 16 Episode 03 A black T-5R estate features in this episode of Wheeler Dealers.

Japanese commercial T-5R

window sticker USA

This is the original T-5R sedan window sticker that came with a new car in the USA. Source: Colin Mack, USA

Purple in Elmia

During Easter the annual carshow in Jönköping is on the calendar. The Svenska Volvoklubben is presenting a couple of very nice Volvo’s. One of those is one of the two Purple T-5R’s that exists! Colour 420. Aubergine Pearl. Or Ametistblue

Jan Wilsgaard

In the Volvo museum in Gothenburg a new theme was setup around well known designer Jan Wilsgaard. The Volvo 850 T-5R got an honourable places in the ‘showroom’…. [image by Mattias Gustafsson‎]

T-5R in Hong Kong

T-5R fans are from all over the world. In Hong Kong there is also a small community with owners of this special model: The next video is a report from The yellow estate is an imported car from Japan.

Pressrelease (UK) 1994-09-26 – Launch of the T-5R

When this pressrelease was issued there still were only 2500 T-5R’s planned. Source:

PDY 444

PDY 444 is the license of a Swedish car. It belongs to a certain car and the license remained with it during the years. Actualy it’s a very special car. We may call it a T-5R, though it is a

Motor Trend – May 1995

In the 1995 May issue of USA magazine Motor Trend, four high-end cars were compared. Source: Jared Reineck, USA The yellow estate is currently owned by Jared. Jared found out that one of the first owners used the car as

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