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Motor Trend – May 1995

In the 1995 May issue of USA magazine Motor Trend, four high-end cars were compared. Source: Jared Reineck, USA The yellow estate is currently owned by Jared. Jared found out that one of the first owners used the car as

TeknikensVärld RS2 vs T-5R

The Swedish magazine TeknikensVärld compared the Audi RS2 with the T-5R Source: Robert Lind

TeknikensVärld Gula Faran

Link: Source: Robert Lind

MotorSport – March 1995

In MotorSport, an UK magazine, issue March 1995, there is an article about the T-5R:     The M251TFC is still in very good condition. The current owner of the M251TFC, Andy Brown shared a picture of the car in

Test Volvo 850 T-5R vs Mercedes E36 T AMG (D) – 1995/3

German magazine MOT Auto technik performs a test with both a T-5R as a Mercedes E36 T AMG. A test with a good result 😉 [translation into english wanted]                     Source:

Live dangerously in safety (UK) – 2004-04

In the Classiccars issue of april 2004 Glen Waddington writes an article about the T-5R. The beautiful black car with fine gold stripes is owned by a fire and safety officer.        Source:

Auto & Design (NL) – 1995-04

[full translation not completed yet] Volvo 850 T-5R HOT SWEDE The Swedes are getting wild! After participation in the British Touring Car Champions in 1994 now for us, mortals, the stunning race Volvo is available. The name of this 240Bhp

Ratten (S) – 1994-04.

Ratten is the client magazine issued by Volvo Sweden. In issue 1995 #4 there is an article about the projectteam. And a ‘centerfold’ with the yellow sedan. Front page   Page 28   Page 29   Page 30   Page

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