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Pressrelease (UK) 1994-09-26 – Launch of the T-5R

When this pressrelease was issued there still were only 2500 T-5R’s planned. Source:

Introduction leaflet (UK) – 1995

In june 1995 this leaflet was issued in the UK. The content is also used in an ad. It is remarkable that in the text the black T-5R isn’t mentioned anymore. Available in cream yellow and olive green metallic.  

Ad (UK) – 1995 ..it exists

Another Ad, found in the programm of the 1995 BTCC race at Silverstone, has a couple of variations. This one is about “..letting you know that it exists..”        Source:

Live dangerously in safety (UK) – 2004-04

In the Classiccars issue of april 2004 Glen Waddington writes an article about the T-5R. The beautiful black car with fine gold stripes is owned by a fire and safety officer.        Source:

Ad (UK) – 1995 Safe, but not dull

Two page advertisement from a UK magazine (unknown which one) showing Volvo’s vision of the future. A safe car doesn’t have to be a dull car. Built for the enjoyment of its driver and the safety of its passengers.  

Folder Introduction T-5R (UK)

For the introduction folder of the T-5R for the UK the photos shot in Skåne are used. The photos taken from the rear are not used in the introduction map. When the folder is produced both yellow and black cars

T-5R Introduction map (UK, D, CH)

A couple of of the pictures they shoot in Skåne from a yellow estate and a yellow sedan, before summer 1994, were used for an introduction map. This map contained 6 pictures of the cars and the interior and a

Pressrelease (UK) 1995-01-04 – Launch of the T-5R

Volvo issued early january 1995 a press-release specific for the UK Market. It’s obviously a beauty and a beast.       source:

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